A Tutorial on Retouching a Portrait of Kate Moss

With the new year upon us, I found it insightful to reflect on tutorials that not only taught skills, but focused on heightening your attention to detail. Join the Breed has been a wealth of knowledge in regards to editing techniques as well as ins and outs to becoming a successful photographer. This video in particular shows an in-depth breakdown of how to recreate this well-known Kate Moss photo.

Retoucher David Neilands goes through the motions of recreating an iconic Kate Moss photo. What I enjoy about these recreation tutorials are their in-depth look at similar lighting and a sense of retouching that focused mainly on getting it right in camera first and foremost. Color grading is something that can feel rather meticulous; however, this tutorial helps prove that it is possible to pick out complementary colors that will serve as the foundation of your photo.The attention to detail was the most important takeaway, as it is something that can be applied to any work you do. Focus on the many details that while alone may seem minute, but when all applied will help to form a much more polished version of a final photo.

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Ohhh nice, I like what they did to the eye makeup and skin texture. Very clean and vivid

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I hate using instant filters/presets or do-it-all retouch plug-ins, but this video shows exactly how terribly tedious professional retouching can be. Making it the least favorite part of my workflow. That's why I often go for some 'middle way'.