Joey L. Releases Free Documentary 'Born From Urgency'

You probably know Canadian-born photographer and director Joey Lawrence for his beautifully lit commercial work and equally as impressive A-List celebrity portraits. In recent years Lawrence has shifted gears to document the Kurdish guerrilla organizations fighting against ISIS. Today a free documentary film and fine art book have been released to show conflict up close like you may have never seen it before.

Many of us have seen Joey Lawrence evolve over the years into the photographer we see today. His signature style is instantly recognizable to those who are familiar with what he does. Swapping the safety of commercial work to document conflict in the Middle East may not sound like the most obvious of career paths but the work Lawrence has produced as a result is inspiring to see.

Following on from the 2015 film Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan, Lawrence has now released Born From Urgency the story of Kurdish guerrilla organizations on the front lines battling against The Islamic State (ISIS). The hour long documentary is free to view and a fascinating insight into the conflicts and the struggles people are facing over there on a daily basis. Without the constraints typical of mainstream media, Lawrence has been able to make a deeply personal view of what is happening in those areas.

To accompany the film there is a fine art book and print release which features the photographs Lawrence took during many trips to the Middle East.

If you are a fan of Lawrence's work both the documentary and book are well worth looking at. Not only is the subject matter incredibly fascinating, worthwhile, and beautifully shot it also offers a rare perspective on conflict we don't normally get to see.

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I'm with you, William. Not only being there but using the kind of kit he does too. Hats off to him...

you're gonna love the full feature!

watching tonight. just ordered the book!

awesome! will be worth the wait for the book...