Photographer Captures Moment Newborn Baby Gives Doctors a 'Death Stare' as They Try to Make Her Cry

Photographer Captures Moment Newborn Baby Gives Doctors a 'Death Stare' as They Try to Make Her Cry

This is the surreal moment a photographer captured a newborn baby giving a "death stare" to the doctors who were trying to make her cry. The process is undertaken in order to help remove liquid from a baby’s lungs, but even at just a few seconds old, little Isabela was having none of it.

Photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann was there to capture the birth of baby Isabela Pereira de Jesus, who was born at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. And it was the stare she gave her attending physician moments after she was born that Kunstmann says has changed his life and his career.

The photographer has since published the photo to his Facebook page, captioning it “Today is my birth and I don’t even have clothes for this event." The image has been picking up traction online, with thousands of shares. Speaking to The Evening Standard, he said:

"I feel like a blessed person, I never imagined that a single photo could change my life and career. I have been a photographer for 11 years, I hope I can inspire others to never give up on their dreams, God's plans will always be fulfilled."

As for what happened next, he spoke to Crescer to reveal it was only upon having her umbilical cord cut that Isabela began to cry. "When I posted it, I thought it would have the potential to become a meme, but it’s always a matter of luck."

See more of Kunstmann's work at his website and Facebook page.

Image used with permission.

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Damn you effers.. It was warm and cozy in there and you pull my a** out. Put me back in.. Dont make me get all vader on you

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Mandy from Grim adventures :-p

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Captured this moment my 2nd daughter was born three weeks ago. No death stare – just an old man face.

Made me realise it's really hard to take a good birth photo (at least in a C-section scenario). Overhead lighting from the surgical theatre was harsh; and the doctor only held the baby still for half a second before whipping her away from the camera. I was lucky to get anything.

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Very nice but its very hard to make photos of something so intense and personal ,the birth of your child .Did you live the moments of the birth or did you live the thrill of the photographer ?Its very hard and complicate memory after that i think

Iwan Price-Evans's picture

Immediately after taking this picture I put the camera down and joined the midwives to help cut the cord, wrap her up and cuddle her. Taking the photo had its place, but being present in the moment was most important.

giorgos karampotakis's picture

thats why i asked

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Copping an attitude right out of the gate... just wait until she's a teenager!!! :)

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unbelievable photography, I am in shock! What an amazing image! This is so beautiful! What an incredible image! It is truly the miracle of life, and I especially appreciate your technique, the clarity and high quality image that you have posted here shows that evidently. I hope one day to do the same type of work, especially when it comes to babies, it is truly the miracle of life. You can see more types of websites that would appreciate your photography here cheers