'Photos That Bear Witness To Modern Slavery' The Lisa Kristine Story

'Photos That Bear Witness To Modern Slavery' The Lisa Kristine Story

Lisa Kristine is an extraordinary activist who has documented the world of slavery in which we are currently blind to. Her story is very captivating and her images say so much. I highly recommend viewing the whole video and take in the stories behind each photograph. I believe we sometimes take our freedoms for granted without realizing that what maybe a privilege to us is a dream to others. Keep reading to watch the video.








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Timothy Jace's picture

Speechless! :(

sad to see this still happens in the modern world....
anyway does anybody familiar with her workflow on how to get that saturated photo ? S curve ?

Joe C's picture

Did anyone else watch the whole video hoping for a nip slip?

Henry Fan's picture

Wearing her shirt unbuttoned half way really takes away most of her credibility. What is this Spring break in Cancun?

Henry Fan's picture

Bit of left wing BS here. There is no possible way brick stackers work 17 hours a day with no breaks for food or water. She really must be retarded.

Brian Williams's picture

Wow. Truly amazing work.

Ashkan Ahmadi's picture

After reading some comments here, I have realized that human stupidity and ignorance is much worse than slavery. WTF is wrong with you people? She has done amazing but heartbreaking works to elevate your knowledge of the world and you are complaining about her unbuttoned shirt?! Damn!

Lorenzo P's picture

Such captivating images!!