Photoshelter Helped 44 Photographers Tell Their Stories in 2016

Photoshelter Helped 44 Photographers Tell Their Stories in 2016

Every year photographers launch personal projects. Some of the projects will have tremendous impact by artistically contributing to our world. Naturally, many of the projects need funding and now, more than ever, the photo community is pitching in to ensure that the projects are seen by a greater audience. But it isn’t just individuals and fellow photographers funding the photo projects. This year, Photoshelter quietly contributed funds to help 44 individual photographers complete and share their work.

Photoshelter is a business devoted to photographers, offering over a hundred different tools to help image makers share, store, and sell their photos. In 2016, Photoshelter offered more than a workflow platform by showering photographers with funding. “The projects we discovered were inspiring,” said Photoshelter. “Some moved us, some made us question our assumptions, others shed light on the small joys in life.”

Photo Credit: Dylan Goldby

Photo Credit: Gia Goodrich

The 44 photographers collectively raised nearly 2 million dollars and fully funded their projects. Thanks to Photoshelter and a multitude of other contributors, these projects have moved from grassroots ideals to published collections that we can all celebrate and learn from. Six projects served as exemplars and were given mention in the Photoshelter’s end-of-year message to photographers.

Photo Credit: Nancy Borowrick

For photographers working on personal projects, having a community of supporters validates their efforts. But more, financial backers like Photoshelter help put projects within reach and make the rest of us realize that the photographic community is ready to support their fellow artists. With this encouragement, let us start planning our stories for next year.

All images used with permission of Nancy Borowrick, Dylan Goldby, Lou Jones, and Gia Goodrich.

[via Photoshelter]

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