Portrait: A Documentary Insatgram vs Professional

Andy Newman created this intriguing documentary that explores the question "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart. In this film, photographer Andria Lindquist and web designer/ professional instagramer Cory Staudacher talk about their outlook on photography and how it has impacted their life. Two points I couldn't agree more on is how Cory talks about how important sharing your work and building a community is, and Andria talks about following your heart and continue to do what makes you truly happy. If you're getting into photography or looking for inspiration on why to continue with photography you should definitely check this out.

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"If your getting..."  How about "If you're getting..."?  Eh?

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That was good...

Satya Varghese Mac's picture

whats insatgram

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what is insatgram?

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I really enjoyed that documentary, thanks Thomas for bringing it to my attention

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Beards. Thick glasses. Tight jeans. Coffee shops. Instagram. Web designer. The hipsters have taken over the asylum. I had to stop watching after 5 minutes as my gag reflex was getting the better of me.

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These people shouldn't represent photography. The guy even says he only does it to get cred from other people, otherwise he wouldn't do it. The girl chimps between every shot, or shoots through live view with her 5000 dollar setup.

They probably get some nice images though, even if they're set up.

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I think we all got hipster-roll'd on that one!!

I gotta agree that the "mass hipsteria" in this video made it really hard to watch. Why can't people just be themselves? Must they try SO hard?

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 The only thing that bothered me about this documentary was the fact that the guy was using nothing but an iPhone. As for the girl shooting through live view and "chimping" (which I should add is a term I absolutely hate), those tools are added to professional grade cameras for a reason and anyone who frowns upon professionals using them is pretentious/overly precious about the picture taking process. I highly doubt anyone who looks at a professional photographer's portfolio decides against hiring them because they actually inspect their work after shooting or used live view.

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Jens, if you would have watched more carefully you would have seen that she only uses live-view when using tilt-shift. And it's not hard to understand why she is doing it (manual focus).

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I don't think the insta dude mentioned photography...not even once...

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I think everyone is taking this video out of context. Cory never claimed to be a photographer, and i'm not sure what him being a ''hipster'' has to do with anything. As far as Andria using live view, if that's how she shoots and delivers solid work then more power to her. But this documentary is not about two professional photographers, its about two people who's lives have been have been changed by photography, one being a ''professional'' and one just using instagram. 

Cool video thanks for sharing. Love the Canadian spelling.

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Can someone please correct the title. Insatgram, really?

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what app did he use?