Joey L. On Using Drones to Photograph War Zones

Love it or hate it, drones are becoming more and more commonplace in all areas of photography. See how Canadian-born photographer and director Joey Lawrence uses drones to film war zones and learn what challenges shooting in such a difficult environment can bring.

Speaking at Hardwired NYC earlier this year, Lawrence talks in depth about using drones to capture aerial footage of war zones in Iraq and Syria. Lawrence shows various images and video clips which are breathtaking to see and it's great to hear him say that most of his work was taken on the smaller cheaper drones that are out there. He goes on to explain how problematic shooting in a war zone can be, from having the device shot at from a rival militia, to the issues of flying through a giant oil fire.  

If like me, you're still resisting the drone medium, it's hard not to find the footage Lawrence has captured incredibly inspiring. As he mentions in the video, the events he is managing to document would have been virtually impossible to get in any other way other than embracing this newer kind of technology.

For those who may be considering a move into drone photography, this article will help to explain the various models on the market. Just be sure to practice before you take one into a war zone.

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Besides how impressive this subject is, it amazes me how Joey contains the same photography-style even throughout these kinds of photos. It's still recognizable for his work.

best documentary photographer currently working. period.

So incredibly talented.