Swimwear Photography With Joey Wright Behind The Scenes Ep. 2

Swimwear Photography with Joey Wright Behind The Scenes continues today with Episode 2. In last weeks episode you were able to see our journey from the US down to Curacao. In this episode we finally begin filming lessons with Joey for this swimwear photography tutorial. Lara did a great job of scouting a beautiful private beach for our first location. We woke up at 5am to set up before sunrise. While Krystal, our hair and makeup artist, worked with Shana and Mela, we began to plan our first lesson with Joey. 

Filming the first lesson of any tutorial is usually pretty tricky. Although I had worked with Joey before at the 2015 Fstoppers Workshops, we had never put him on camera. 
Have you ever tried to plan an outdoor photoshoot only to change the direction once you actually start shooting? Maybe your original vision doesn't really work and you come up with a better option on the fly. Well, filming a photographer working can be even more complicated. We've flimed for hours before and captured a great lesson only to have the photographer scrap everything because they were unhappy with the finished photo. We've also had to delete great sections with great finished images from tutorials because the lessons aren't clear enough or they are repetitive. 
 Although we had a basic outline of what needed to be taught, we had to make up the majority of the first few lessons on the fly. Luckily, Joey was great on camera and the vast majority of his images were keepers. 
All of the lessons that Joey taught this first day were 100% about natural light and really weren't about capturing flawless images. Even still, Joey came away with a great shot of Mela in a "cave" by the ocean. 
In the upcoming BTS episodes Joey will begin to introduce reflectors, scrims, strobes, and modifiers, but this first day, we wanted to keep things as simple as we could. 
If you missed last weeks BTS episode 1 you can see that here. To learn more about the full tutorial you can head over to the Fstoppers store
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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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"Touch your toes..."

I had to pause it at the iguana bit, couldn't stop laughing!

Wait, so, going back to that landscape tutorial in Iceland.... It was cold, right?

Anyways, amazing BTS! Hope you made it back without contracting Zika! Love Patrick's "Ron Burgundy" look! Girls must've dug him.

I'm not sure I follow...yeah Iceland was fairly cold but honestly it wasn't as cold as Alaska or even winter months in Colorado or New York. Iceland is directly beneath the gulf stream and actually gets pretty warm weather compared to the neighboring UK. But yeah, Iceland and Curacao are about as opposite places as you can visit.

I'm sure the tut is worth every penny and I do like Joey's vision and work... but... this is where the action is! Great stuff! MOAR!

you didn´t show us if she was able to touch her toes...could you please continue on this important matter in Ep.3...

There's an extended version of that in the next episode which is hilarious. I'm afraid we weren't ever focused on her though ;)