More Bad News for GoPro: Karma Drone Recalled for Power Loss Issues

More Bad News for GoPro: Karma Drone Recalled for Power Loss Issues

GoPro has not been having a good run for this year’s launch of new products. Since its third-quarter earnings report, GoPro lost nearly $500 million in market capitalization. That time period also included the announcement of the DJI Mavic Pro within days of GoPro's Karma announcement, the timing of which of which could have been better for GoPro's Karma launch. Now, GoPro is every one of its Karma orders due to unexpected power loss.

The reviews have also not exactly been stellar for the GoPro Karma. Some have reported of better interactions with their Karma compared to those featured in the latest review I shared, but with the announcement of Karma’s recall, things are not looking so good for this new drone.

GoPro announced the recall of about 2,500 units of the new drone, which doesn’t sound like much to begin with. Some of the Karma drones have been experiencing power loss during operation, but thankfully no injuries or property damages have been reported yet. Those with current or recent orders will be given a full refund, and at this time there is no estimated date for when the issues will be resolved or when the drones will be back on shelves for sale.

The announcement comes during a pretty hectic time during the current U.S. elections. Was the plan to go unnoticed? My choice for a new drone keeps getting clearer as time progresses: it’s really not a decision I have trouble making anymore.

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I'm a Mavic buyer but Gopro stock this hurts lol

I hate to say it, but they look to be the modern-day Kodak or whoever you want to cite. Too big and too slow to react to the market, and not only late with a key product, but with one well behind the competition. They still make the best cameras, IMHO, but perhaps they should have partnered with a drone company instead of going into this on their own.

It was bad enough the Mavic came out a few days later and was superior but this is really bad news for GoPro. They should have put more time into this drone and not rushed it.