Russian Government Is Tackling Consumer Drone Problem by Attaching Shotguns to Their Own Drones

On the back of a number of public nuisance incidents, Russia has launched a new drone with a purpose-built shotgun, designed for the sole intention of shooting other drones out of the sky.

You may remember the Gatwick airport drone chaos that descended on London just days before Christmas last year. It’s but one of a number of incidents which are causing large outcries from the public, and leaving officials with no choice but to clamp down on usage with tighter laws. In Hawaii, event organizers even went as far as to use a helicopter to shoot a rogue drone out of the sky. The rollout of drones to the general consumer has only seen the problem worsen.

So how is Russia handling it? By mount a shotgun to a drone itself, of course. Russian defense blog Dambiev revealed the new shotgun-mounted drone is courtesy of Russian defense contractor JSC Almaz Antey.

The Vepr-12 is externally similar to the AK series of Russian assault rifles, but instead fires from a magazine of ten 12-gauge shotgun shells.

Weighing just 50 pounds, the shotgun drone is said to “fly like a plane,” and is armed with a 12-gauge fully-automatic Vepr-12 shotgun.

Check out the video to see the shotgun drone shooting other targets down.

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It's way more awesome & fun, of course, to attach a shotgun to a drone and blow shit out of the sky but surely a drone that shoots something like netting to entangle the props of other drones would be more efficient and less dangerous? Even being sprayed with a viscous liquid would probably bring down many, if not all, consumer drones.

And while drones might be annoying to some, having hundreds of pieces of drones and shotgun pellets raining down on you after this thing is deployed seems worse.

Jacques Cornell's picture

I doubt it's really drones that they're thinking of as the ultimate targets.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Yes, since any downward angle will surely kill more than just a drone.

Clay Wegrzynowicz's picture

This is the most Russian thing I've seen in a while

Tim Gallo's picture

this is the most "american" piece of writing i saw in a while lol

Tim Gallo's picture

lol, so you found an youtube channel with 280 something subscribers, that some guy made, and you say "russia"?
its just some stupid guy ;) and you also stupid for sharing it and writing without even checking out what the heck you are talking about... jack, it seems you self-taught yourself nothing. go to school or something... just stick to photography. stop writing about every sh you pick up

Ryan Davis's picture

Looks like zero hedge dug up the patent for the Shotgun Drone. It's a Russian patent. That's sort of awkward.

Tim Gallo's picture

Yeah, a patent for a few private names. Not the goverment or anything. Lol. So if some mad guy in America patent for a shooting dildo that can shoot drones - would you write an article - U.S. Patented a Dildo for Shooting Drones?

Scott Mason's picture

I thought this was another April Fool's Day post at first. But considering all the threats that drones can pose, I'm no longer surprised.

Everytime the drone pointed at the camera I winced. Nothing like a loaded shot gun without a safety pointed at your face.

Ted Mercede's picture

I don't buy it. To many engineering issues in this, with the first concern being the "kick" produced by a shotgun. In the video, it didn't appear that there was any impact to flight with a shotgun going off; in my mind, that thing should have been knocked out of flight for firing off a shotgun shell. Also not to mention the total weight and the required thrust and battery requirements for this thing. How about tracking, aiming, and firing accuracy? Shooting from a distance and hitting something?

Also it never really showed it closing in on the target with both being in the shot at the same time, drone in flight and then you hear a couple of shots, and then debris falling from the sky.

Interesting video, but as an engineer I just don' buy it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

Jaran Gaarder Heggen's picture

there are not much recoil in a gas driven automatic weapon... its more of a hard shake... but he would not have hit with those second shots comming in just seconds after the first in the dual "serie"...

Even with the AK-47 you can actually get really good collection on target when fire a serie of shots if you hold the rifle correct...

But I don't buy this either, its just some "boys" playing around...

There are other calibers that would be much more effective...