Watch Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Live Right Now

SpaceX is attempting to launch the most powerful operation rocket in the world. Watch it live right now. 

Update: The mission was a success! For more updates check out SpaceX on Twitter

The Falcon Heavy Rocket is 20 stories tall and contains 27 engines. It is capable of lifting payloads of 140,000 pounds but in the rocket today, Elon Musk has added his unreleased Tesla Roadster. Yes, Elon Musk is sending a supercar into space. 

Watch this animation to learn what the goal is for today's launch. 

Watch another live feed here: 

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Anthony DeLaurentis's picture

Looks like they pushed back to 3:05 ET. Anticipation is killing me!

Casey Berner's picture

Not sure how this is even photography related... but the stream isn't even the official one. Here's the real one:

Thanks! Here at Fstoppers we post photography news and monumental human achievements.

Peter Gargiulo's picture

What's the point of sending the car into space?

Because they have to do a load test anyway so why not make it awesome.

Paolo Veglio's picture

none. For testing purposes the common practice is to load the vector with concrete or scrap metal to simulate the payload. Elon Musk thought it was way cooler to send a car, in his words: "a red car for the red planet". Plus, I think is a good way to draw some attention

Mike Schrengohst's picture

The most expensive car commercial in human history......

In this case it is either publicity for concrete blocks and chunks of iron, or for Tesla. So, it is free (sunk costs are not taken into account).

Oliver Kmia's picture

This is the first launch for this new type of rocket and the risk of failure is very high so they can't mount an expensive payload. Elon Musk thought it would be a good marketing move to put a Tesla in there for his sister company. They should have sent the truck actually ;)

Milorad Menjic's picture

You would not if you could ? What else would you chose if you were on his place now ?

William Howell's picture

Super cool!

Paolo Veglio's picture

I'm already preparing the popcorn :D
Also a little correction, I believe the largest rocket is still the Saturn V.

Oliver Kmia's picture

Yes, Saturn V was much bigger with higher payload capacity but the Falcon Heavy will rank first in orbital payload for current rockets in service (vs retired designs).

Whoops, not the largest, "the most powerful operational rocket."

Paolo Veglio's picture

yes, that's exactly the plan. The two side boosters have a designated landing zone somewhere around Cape Canaveral, while the center booster is supposed to land in the Atlantic Ocean on the droneship "Of course I love you".
Don't remember about the center core, but the side ones have been already used

Wasn't practical. The center booster was moving too fast and too far downrange to come back to KSC. So, they had to land it on the drone ship. But the two side boosters landing at almost the same moment was really impressive!

David Penner's picture

That was crazy to watch. They landed within a second or two of each other. Landing one rocket the way they land them is hard enough but to land two means the force of the other rocket would have to be corrected for.

You're making Elon upset

He would appreciate it ;)

William Howell's picture

Wow you did your public service Lee, this was very inspirational!

Life on Mars, David Bowie’s greatest tune, in my opinion anyway!

William Howell's picture


‘Merica, F... Yeah

Yes it was! we were in the office cheering.

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Some say Peter Lik asked them to send a camera for a new picture of the moon...

Chris Rogers's picture

What and incredible event! SpaceX gives me hope for the future .