Lindsay Adler Fashion Shoot Workflow From Start to Finish

I'm a big admirer of Lindsay Adler and her work, and I spoke to her recently regarding her most valuable career mistake. As you can imagine, my ears pricked up when I heard Lindsay was doing a walkthrough of how she conducts a fashion shoot from preparation all the way through to post-production.

When I first started photography, I remember wondering how a top-end photoshoot was ever successfully conducted; there seemed to be myriad moving parts and so many unspoken requirements that the whole concept seemed like a distant mythical land I was unlikely to ever tread. In fact, it not only felt distant, it felt impossibly difficult to attain the information on how to even begin the commute. Gradually, as time passed and as is often the case with these things, I scooped up nuggets of information as I jogged around blindly trying to learn. What I could really have benefited from years ago was a video from a top fashion photographer walking me through every facet of a high-end fashion shoot.

That video is now here, and it certainly confirms the suspicion former me had: there are myriad moving parts. If this video has no practical worth to you as a photographer, it still has to convince you of just how difficult a job a high-end fashion photographer has. Nevertheless, there is an encouraging and comforting message for anyone south of Lindsay's career position (which let's face it, is all but a handful of photographers): building connections and a team of talented individuals is a gradual process, and it took Lindsay years to get to the point she is at today.

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Thanks for the share! I actually got my color checker passport 5 years ago, tried it, it was meh... now that I saw this video I can see the huge benefits when being used and applied to the same genre I inspire to be in :-)

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The only problem is anywhere not a fashion capital is getting tall or "high fashion standard" models which would appeal to the work created and needed to attract the fashion world... every tall model moves to the fashion capitals, and same with fashion photographers... sucks anyone who doesn't can't simply do fashion photography that have the same appeal in other areas in the world. I know, sounds like an excuse just saying you must do X, Y, and Z standards set by the industry or else simply not exist.