10 Fun Spring Photography Ideas

Spring is here, and with the weather warming up and the outdoor world coming to life, there are numerous fun photography opportunities waiting for you. This great video will show you 10 ideas for springtime photography across a variety of genres. 

Coming to you from Maria Perez with B&H Photo and Video, this fantastic video will give you 10 fun ideas for springtime photography. No doubt, with everything blooming and the temperature warming up, it is a wonderful time to head out. Even if you are not going out for client work, just grabbing your camera and spending an afternoon on a casual photo walk can be a great way to unwind a bit and get back to the pure fun of photography. Beyond that, laid-back photography in which you are not under the constraints of client requirements is the best chance to experiment a bit creatively and try things you might not be able to otherwise. And often, it is the little ideas you experiment with and discover during these private, low-pressure sessions that end up becoming the things you implement into your professional work and become known for later on. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Perez.

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