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6 Techniques for Manually Focusing Photos and Video

Autofocus has become remarkably fast and reliable, but there are still a lot of situations in which manual focus might be the best choice to get the shot. This fantastic video tutorial details six techniques you can use to ensure you can nail shots when using manual focus. 

Coming to you from DP Review, this great video tutorial shows six techniques for using manual focus. No doubt, the autofocus capabilities of modern cameras are nothing short of remarkable, but there are still plenty of scenarios in which autofocus might fail you or in which you will have no choice but to use manual focus. For example, one of the best parts of mirrorless cameras is that you can adapt such a wide variety of vintage lenses to them, but of course, the vast majority of such lenses do not have any autofocus capabilities. Thankfully, most mirrorless cameras also come with a lot of features to help you focus more accurately. My personal favorite is the magnification feature. Many mirrorless cameras can be set to automatically zoom in to wherever your autofocus point is as soon as you grab the manual focus ring, making it easy to grab critical focus. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Sam Sims's picture

I love using manual focus. Zone focusing is definitely my preferred method for street photography. There’s just something about using autofocus and af tracking, letting the camera do all the work that just doesn’t appeal to me.

Jason Frels's picture

I have a D750 and when using a manual lens, I look at the focus arrows and dot indicator in the lower left of the view finder and can usually get pretty good focus working that. You have to simultaneously watch this and keep your focus point on the subject while manually adjusting focus, but it can be done effectively with practice.

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