Convincing Your Loved Ones That Photography Is a Real Job

For many going into a photography career, the untraditional nature of the job can lead loved ones to be concerned or even disapproving of the choice. This great video examines that dilemma, telling the creator's personal story and offering ideas on how you can deal with that issue.

Coming to you from Chris Hau, this thoughtful video examines the issue of the disapproval you might face from family and friends when you choose a career as a creative. Such negative feedback isn't particularly surprising: being a creative is a less stable career than many other options, and loved ones who don't understand why you would choose a less secure job might discourage you from following such a path. And in fairness to them, that disapproval is often voiced from a place of concern. And that concern isn't entirely unfounded; it's certainly worth considering the risks of going into that career and carefully and honestly assessing your abilities and business acumen before you get started. If you've decided you're ready, though, and you're still facing this sort of feedback, the video above might be of some help. Check it out for Hau's thoughts. 

Lead image by Suliman Sallehi.

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Rob Davis's picture

It really helps if they're not still supporting you financially.

four words SHOW ME THE MONEY. and that applies to any job.

Steven Magner's picture

My traditional, Persian father-in-law thinking I was some fantasy chasing, loser, son-in-law watched me edit a few photos from an architectural photo shoot before saying “oh wow you put so much care into your photos!” You mean... I actually care about my work... AND making money?


My experience with Persians is that they have far more respect for the arts than Westerners do and put a high value on artists. But it's his daughter, so if you're not an engineer, you'd better make money.

Vladimir Ambia's picture

If you have to "convince" then you need a new family.

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

I guess I'm lucky. Both my parents are photo enthusiasts, as is my sister. My wife, on the other hand, still thinks the only reason I'm a photographer is so that I'll have an excuse take nudie pics of her!

chris bryant's picture

Fam: Photography isn't a real job isit?
Me: Only morons have "real" jobs but if that passive agressive perjoritve question ameliorates your insecurity, then, no, it isn't a real job, but do I give a toss what you think?

Michael Murphy's picture

How is being a Photographer not a ‘real job’ when every young twenty-something semi-attractive Woman who believes she is at least ‘as Beautiful as any Model out there’ and Thinks and Believes you (as the Photographer) should not only pay her to Model for you, even though she has never Modeled, has no experience Modeling, has No Knowledge about Modeling or even how to Pose; but you are not only supposed to pay her to Model for you, Provide her with the whole Model Experience but also provide her with a Butt-Load of Free Edited Portfolio Quality Digital Photo Files.

Where are you as a Photographer supposed to make all this money in this non-real-job to pay her and every Woman like her to Model for you?