Creating an Angelic Lens Flare in the Studio

Shooting portraits might become monotonous if you are only capturing what is obvious in front of you. A little imagination and technique can help you spruce things up. How about creating an intentional angelic lens flare?

In this video from Adorama TV, Mark Wallace discusses how he brought about a fancy lens flare into the portrait he shot. The idea is simple: he places a small light source behind the model and directs it right onto the camera lens when shooting. This is intended for creating an intentional flare. Behind the camera, there is a wide open white wall that offers the needed light bounce and the exposure on the model's face. The exposure factor plays a key role in getting the flare right.

Getting the flare you want depends on what you visualize in your mind and playing around the angles to achieve it. Now that's not it. The real angelic lens flare effect is attained in the post-processing and you have to rub your hands for some heavy duty work. From the crop to the coloring, to the contrast to the temperature, there is a lot that you have to play to perfection.

Check out the full video to see how Wallace plays with the tools to achieve the ultimate angelic lens flare.

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