Discovering Your Personal Style as a Photographer

How does one discover his or her personal style? It is always a debatable question, and it is interesting to hear the opinions coming from people from different walks of life. In this video, Chase Jarvis strikes a dialogue with Alex Strohl on the journey of discovering one's style.

Eventually, there has to be a starting point, and in his opinion, Strohl attributes it to the color palettes. Finding a language in the colors that you love the most can be a way to start. For some, it can be the genre of photography that you want to venture into or the perspectives you choose. Either way, there has to be a starting point, only then will you be able to know what you like and what you don't like. Only through practice can one gain expertise. Style is a personal element, and it has to evolve over time rather than overnight. Often, confusion arises when you try to define or construct your style way too early. The importance of time is often missed. Strohl emphasizes the importance of practice and repetition when it comes to discovering personal style. I guess it's pretty much a discovery more than an invention. Check out the full video for insights from the conversation.  

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