Five Great Lighting Setups in Five Minutes

When you're new to artificial lighting, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to understand how various setups, positions, and modifiers will produce different results, which is why it can be tremendously helpful to learn some setups that can get you off and running. This helpful video will show you five such portrait lighting setups in just five minutes.

Coming to you from Chris Ord, this great video will show you five portrait lighting setups in five minutes. When you're first starting with artificial lighting, there are a lot of factors you need to gain an intuitive feel for. Personally, I recommend starting with single light setups first. By doing this, you can clearly study how things like modifier size and light distance affect the way light falls on your subject and your final images. Once you gain more confidence in using a single light and modifier, you'll be better able to create and control more complex multi-light setups. That being said, however, many professionals still often shoot with a single light, and you can get quite a wide range of looks from just one. Check out the video above for the full rundown of all the setups! 

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Good post. Nice setups and great results.