Fun and Creative Outdoor Photo Ideas

Sometimes, it's fun to leave the tripod at home, forget about technical perfection, and just go for a walk with your camera. This fun video will show you some easy ways to make interesting and different photos that should get your creativity flowing.

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this video shows some techniques for getting creative with outdoor landscape shots, including incorporating things like intentional camera movement and a slow shutter speed to create a very painterly effect. With a lot of methods like these, the keys are to never stop experimenting and to vary parameters and techniques until you find a result you like. This might mean changing shutter speed, zooming and/or panning during an exposure, etc. It's really a game of trying different things until you see something that catches your imagination and then following that line of experimentation. I personally love it because I can take my camera on a hike and worry less about creating technically perfect shots and just enjoy the process of crafting interesting visuals, which is why I got into the photography in the first place anyway. So, grab your camera and head out for an early springtime walk; I think you'll enjoy it. 

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jon snow's picture

also done similar ideas

Anonymous's picture

I've been increasingly thinking the same. There's a lot to be said for leaving ALL your gear at home and just taking your phone.

Although I simply couldn't bring myself to leave my tripod in such beautiful conditions as depicted in the video.

Nigel Danson's picture

I did have my tripod William - interestingly the ICM was my fav image from the day though 😃

Anonymous's picture

It's a lovely image, Nigel :)