A Great Tip for Figuring Out What Lens to Take

If you're anything like me, you suffer from a bit of decision paralysis and end up way overpacking your photography gear, particularly when you're going on a long trip. This great video will show you an easy and effective way to figure out which lenses you're using the most. 

Coming to you from Photo Tom, this helpful video will show you a clever trick for breaking down your lens usage using Lightroom. Lightroom actually keeps fairly details stats on how many photos you take with a certain camera, a certain lens, at a given ISO or aperture, etc. By leveraging these stats, you can get some good insight into your photo-taking habits, which can help you make more informed decisions when you're deciding which lenses to take along on a trip or the like. It's also particularly helpful for when you're looking to shed lesser used gear. It's not uncommon to hang on to gear that you'd probably be just fine without, and using Lightroom's built-in stats can shed an objective light on just what equipment you're using and what's sitting idly in your closet more than you realized, making it easier to sell it off and invest that money elsewhere. Check out the video above for the process. 

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Niklas Hantke's picture

There's also a great Web-App called https://www.lightroomdashboard.com/
You can paste your Lightroom Catalog there and it will be analyzed (locally) and then shows you the top focal length you use and some other useful statistics.

David Boyars's picture

that makes me nervous. What else are they looking through that we aren't aware of

Tom is a hardworking guy always coming up with interesting content.