How to Develop Your Personal Style as a Creative Professional

In this world filled with talent rising everyday, personal style is very important to any creative professional. It not only gives you the edge to stand out from the crowd but also serves as the unique selling proposition to market yourself. How does one get to develop one's own personal style? 
This video is from Chase Jarvis, as he talks about the what, why, and how parts of developing a personal style. I think all creative people are faced with this question at least once in this creative life cycle - "What is my personal style?" 

Undoubtedly, developing a signature style becomes essential and it is no more a luxury like it was in the earlier days. The competition has become so high and it is high time to invest time and mind on this question. The secret is pretty simple. Practice. Yes, you heard it right. It is all about practicing, getting to know the work better, mastering the technique and innovating uniquely.

Repetition of work is very important. You can be a photographer, filmmaker, writer or any creative professional, the onus lies in focusing on your work and getting it done to perfection every single time. And when you do it, make sure you put a part of your soul into it sincerely. That way, over the time, your personal style will show up and people will identify it before you do. That's how it works. We so often try so hard to establish our own personal style. No, it doesn't work that way. What we have to do instead is keep doing good work consistently, and our personal style will appear automatically for the world to identify. Take a look at the video to have a full run on this thought.  

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