How to Get Sharp Photos When Shooting Handheld

There are many aspects that go into making a successful photo, but at the end of the day, if it is not sharp, the rest will not matter much. A little bit of technique can go a long way into improving your chances of getting a sharp photo, particularly if you are shooting handheld, and this awesome video tutorial will give you some great tips for improving your chances.

Coming to you from James Popsys, this excellent video tutorial will show you some helpful tips for getting sharp photos when shooting handheld. Of course, you can use a tripod, but a lot of us (myself included) like to avoid this whenever possible. I personally hate lugging one around and hate setting it up and taking it down even more, so if I can avoid it, I will do everything I can. You might be surprised by how much paying a little more attention to certain aspects of technique can improve your keeper rate. When I kept my mind on things like my elbow position and breathing with the shutter, it made a huge difference in how long I could hold the camera reliably. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Popsys.

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Rick Pappas's picture

Good tips. I especially like the one about using the timer. I've used burst shooting for years to avoid motion from pressing the shutter, but it just adds shots to sort through. Thanks...

Deleted Account's picture

Good tips. I don't use vibration control or IBIS (not available for me) and when I started photography there were no such functions. So the only thing available was to control your body and know when to press the shutter button. As always, (a lot of) training helps a lot. Despite IBIS and stabilised lenses, there are situations where they don't help (e.g. moving people or subjects).

Marius Pettersen's picture

Decent tips. I still use DSLR for the main part of my photography, so I'm usually going for 'da grip' whenever I need extra stabilization. Works best with vertical grips on.

Deleted Account's picture

Exactly like that (I am left eyed too). That is the best way to do it. 1-2 EV gain. He mentioned to breath out just once, but this one of the things to remember.