How to Get Work Done Faster in Your Photography Business

Photography is about capturing the moments through pictures. Yes, we all know this. But when you venture into it professionally, say wedding photography, you need to be able to do more than that.  There are a whole lot of tasks and processes that you should be able to do to make it to the top. This video from Vanessa Joy throws light on this topic of how to be effective and get your work done faster in the photography business.

Let us take wedding photography for example. It starts from the client inquiry, and then you send over the quote and eventually there will be some negotiation. You then have to plan the kind of pictures they like, the theme for the outdoor shoot and so on. There are a hundred things that you have to tick before you get to shoot their big day. And that's not over yet. After the shoot, there is editing and delivery that still awaits. It can be quite overwhelming to integrate all of this. But that's what it takes, and the strategy is simple.

You have to streamline your workflow using available systems for respective business departments that you have, say client relationship, marketing, etc. With a proper timeline to each of the processes sets you free of the hassle that comes in due to multitasking and poor planning. On the other end, even after meticulous planning, there will be tasks that you will not be good at. That's when you need to ask for expert help. There is always this notion in the head of every creative person that no one else can do his work but only him or herself. That just isn't right. Choose wisely to seek out for professional help to get things done. Now hop on and take a look at the full video for a run of thoughts from Vanessa. 

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An entrepreneur by profession and a wanderer by nature, Amar Ramesh is a creative photographer based in Chennai, India. Wedding photography being his forte with over 300 weddings under his belt, he also shoots fashion, kids, documentary films, heritage, and lifestyle. And he enjoys sharing his experiences constantly.

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