How to Pose Normal People for Great Portraits

Justin and Kirby share some great tips on how to pose normal people. What do you do when your subject isn't an experienced model? Give them lots of encouragement, and show them the poses you have in mind. 

My favorite tip in this video is one I've never tried myself: bringing a portable speaker to play music and create some atmosphere. What a great idea — I can't wait to try that out. The other suggestions are very practical and easy to follow. Kirby walks you through showing your subject with your own body what you'd like them to do. It's always easier to mirror someone than to try to imagine a pose. 

It's also great advice to give people an action; having them walk towards the camera creates more natural photographs than having them stand still for too long. Sometimes I do this just to break up a session, plus a bit of variety never hurts. Some of the tips will be familiar. For example, make someone laugh, don't tell them to smile. It's amazing how easy it is to forget that advice. Do bear it in mind and put it into practice! 

Do you use any of these tips?

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Fristen Lasten's picture

Another way to make them comfortable is not tell them they are going to be your guinea pig for the day ;)

Louise Downham's picture

Haha, very true!