How to Set Up Your Camera for Street Photography

There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to street photography, but this short video from photographer Frederik Trovatten gives you a basic setup with which to get started.

More and more cameras are starting to introduce the potential to set a minimum shutter speed when shooting with auto ISO, an incredibly useful feature that can allow you to forget about exposure to a degree and immerse yourself in what’s happening around you. Some cameras even offer to vary the minimum shutter speed depending on which lens you have attached.

Auto ISO itself is a relatively new feature in terms of photography’s history, and being able to add a minimum shutter speed started to emerge sometime between 2005 and 2010. With the amount of noise introduced by higher ISO levels improving with every camera, many shooters find themselves more relaxed about letting the camera go beyond 1,600. In addition to that, raw files are becoming so good that even when your camera makes a mistake, it’s possible to correct in post.

Trovatten offers some great insights into how to set this up and how you can expect your camera to behave. If you have any points to add, be sure to leave a comment below.

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Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Isn’t there a designated street mode for this?

Assume that street photography existed at the time when everyone used film cameras. Shocking! Now, did they have this problem of auto ISO threshold, "no time to set the correct exposure", etc.? Secondly, there are at least three "presets" that are readily available, M, A and S, which can all have different values dialled in before the stalker starts roaming the streets. If there is no time for turning the shutter speed wheel in M mode around its axis once, it means the photographer has no planning skills to capture the decisive moment and is not aware of general sunny f16 principles. Street photography is complex, saints fear to tread there but fools rush in, test their luck and ask for easy recipes.

Along these lines of shooting isn't for scenes, scenes with no moving subjects, or for any tripod or studio work where you have significantly more opportunity to set up your scene and get the center immaculate. This is for street photography.