Leica Pro Reveals How to Capture Fantastic Live Concert Photos

Do you ever take photos of your favorite live musicians but feel your shots don't do the performers justice? Learn the inside tips from a Leica pro concert photographer on how to perfectly capture the atmosphere and emotions of a live gig.

I've only ever done concert photography once and I have to say it was probably the most photographically stressful thing I've ever done. Coming from a background of landscape photography where I have ample time to think about, frame, and compose my shot, the helter-skelter, blink and you miss it speed of live performance photography was a massive jolt to my senses. I didn't know where to stand, where to look, what to focus on, or what to shoot. And I'm not too embarrassed to say that in the end I took the spray and pray approach and hoped that among the sheer quantity of shots I took, there would at least be a handful of keepers. Thankfully the band members didn't have the most critically discerning eye and took my shots with graceful acceptance, but the self-critic in me knew it wasn't my finest hour.

If only I'd had some inside tips beforehand to lean on, my job would have been so much easier. That's why this video from pro concert photographer and Leica ambassador, Michael Agel, is so invaluable. In this wide ranging interview he walks you through all the things you shouldn't and shouldn't do, and all the things that have worked well for him and helped him become so successful. It's also very refreshing to hear him speak of the inevitable mistakes he made when he was starting out, which made me feel better about my rather inauspicious experience. His gear of choice wasn't quite what I expected either.

What about you? What have been some of your successes (or failures) in shooting live concerts?

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Very nicely done video and good advice. I like his laid back demeanor.

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What camera was he using in this video?

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Having or getting access beyond just “the pit” is the most impactful way of taking good concert photography.