Nikon Is Offering Free Classes During April!

As of right now, you're able to stream all of Nikon School's online classes for free, right from the comfort of your living room. 

Okay, so we've done the washing, the house is spotless, our hard drives are defragmented, the lenses are squeaky clean, and our photo libraries never looked so orderly. So, what now? Thankfully, Nikon School has noticed us photographers are getting a little stir crazy couped up inside the same four walls, so they've decided to give everyone free access to their online classes.

Sign up with your email address, and you'll be able to watch over 428 minutes of online content from world-class photographers such as Joe McNally, Tamara Lackey, and Taylor Glenn. That's over seven hours of photography learning that you could binge watch all in one session from your own couch! 

Their reasoning for the free online classes, which last during the whole of April are pretty obvious when you read their opening statement:

Nikon’s mission has always been to empower creators. In these uncertain times, we can do that by helping creators stay inspired, engaged, and growing. That’s why we’re providing all of our courses free for the entire month of April. Let's come out of this even better.

These classes are so good you'll want to just immerse yourself in the story behind the lens. Sure, you could binge-watch them, but I don't recommend doing that on the first watch. Instead, they might be best viewed individually and then, after taking some notes, to try some of the tips these pros are dishing out. Almost every other line is gold, so absorbing their knowledge and putting it straight into practice (within reason — we can't travel all that far at the moment) will really help knowledge retention.

Here's the class line-up:

  • Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography with Taylor Glenn
  • Discovering Macro Photography with Joey Terrill
  • Beyond the Fundamentals of Photography with Reed Hoffman
  • The Art of Music Videos with Chris Hershman
  • Environmental Portraiture with Joey Terrill
  • Fundamentals of Photography with Reed Hoffmann
  • Hands-On with SB-5000 Speedlight with Joe McNally
  • Photographing Children and Pets with Tamara Lackey
  • Creator’s Mindset: Creating Video Content with Z 50 with Kitty Peters
  • Getting Started with Your Nikon DSLR
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Taylor Glenn's picture

Thanks Fstoppers for sharing this! Really great of Nikon to give access to these classes. I spoke with some of the Nikon USA team today and they are genuinely excited to share these courses and support the creative community. Hope everyone is finding ways to stay positive and creative!

Alexander Petrenko's picture

That’s how I learned that they sell courses

Alan Gross's picture

To be honest with you I watched a few of the Nikon classes and I wasn't that impressed as far as learning something from them. Now that I've watched them, it's something I would never pay for. There are a lot of alternatives for learning about photography and your camera. Some are free on YouTube and others have books and/or videos that offer much better training.