Photography Life Paid-for Courses are Now Free (Worth $150 each)

Photography Life Paid-for Courses are Now Free (Worth $150 each)

After Nikon School, PPA, and others offer their online courses and tutorials for free, Photography Life follows suit with their own range of free online courses to help their community during coronavirus.

As we move through spring and into summer the weather's clearing up, and the days are getting longer, but due to lockdown we're still stuck indoors with our cameras. This can be a real drag for photographers, as we watch the sun come and go each day not able to capture everything that's going on around us. But we can take advantage of this indoor time by brushing up on our theory, and learning from the pros.

Get to learn Canon and Nikon camera systems with free online courses from Photography Life. Image by Jeshoots |

Photography Life is now offering each of their paid-for online courses, normally worth $150, for free during the coronavirus pandemic. This includes introduction to camera menu systems, photography basics, how to use your gear, and much more. Their first set of courses are already live, ready to stream for free, but more are going to be added in a couple of weeks.

We spent many months filming our courses both indoors and in remote locations, in order to provide the best education we can possibly deliver to our readers. With the world dealing with possibly one of the worst health and economic crises the world has ever seen, we thought it would be a good idea to give away everything we got to our community. We hope that these courses will help our readers in getting solid photography content to learn from, for many years to come.

So if you're new to photography, or just want to brush up on a few skills be sure to check out their online content via their YouTube account. If you've found the content helpful, leave a comment below to share your thoughts with us, and feedback any new tips you've found useful.

Images used under creative commons courtesy of Jeshoots and Andre Furtado via Pexels

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