PPA is Offering Free Education During Coronavirus

PPA is Offering Free Education During Coronavirus

Looking to use some of this downtime to ramp up your photography business? Professional Photographers of America is offering up education for free.

With 1100+ free online courses to choose from, right now is the perfect time to get learning. You've got until April 4 to explore PPA's valuable online education. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, they're offering all levels of education. The categories for education are seemingly endless, from technical aspects to business and marketing.

More Resources for Photographers During COVID-19

On top of the educational offerings, PPA has created an "In It Together" page to help photographers in need of resources. There are updates on getting assistance from the government, webinars for timely education, and tips to navigate COVID-19 as a photographer. They are keeping this page updated frequently with new developments to help photographers. PPA is keeping the lines of communication open with Facebook Live events as well.

Accessing Free Education from PPA

All you have to do is sign up for a free account with your name and email address. It's a quick process allowing for photographers at all levels to access and learn. Stay updated with the latest news from Professional Photographers of America via their "In It Together" page.

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Ryan Mense's picture

Their email spam opt out looks like a mess. When I try and opt out and save, it requires me to select which magazine I want. I don’t want a magazine. And if I select a digital magazine, it then requires me to agree to their privacy policy and agree that they can contact me. Ummmmm. No.

The video selection has a filter for wildlife and nature videos, but enabling the filter has no results. Ummmmm. Ok.

So that was a waste of time AND I’m getting their spam.

Tony Clark's picture

I read about this on Saturday, enrolled and it still will not allow me to log in.

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