'Patience and Consistency for the Winning Shot' Is a Great Video on Crafting Photography

"The immediate need for results, whether it's real or perceived, is a lot of what's going on today." Inspiration and opportunity hurry for no one. In this great video from B&H, Nicholas Pappagallo outlines what it takes to be a prepared and patient photographer, so when inspiration and opportunity do finally show, you're ready and waiting. 

Perhaps the greatest lesson I learned in photography (and life) is that patience often brings about far greater rewards than those from immediate gratification. Pappagallo does an excellent job delineating exactly what this means for photographers. Some salient points include: 

  • Have a plan, but be open to something different. Sometimes, the sky doesn't cooperate, or the shot we envisioned just doesn't work. Know what you want, but be open to other options as well.
  • Enjoy the experience. If you're happy and not stressing about getting the shot, you'll be more creative. 
  • Do personal projects. We advocate personal projects constantly; they're where you grow as a photographer and creative and where you often fall in love with this pursuit again.

The entire video is chock full of great tips and philosophies, so give it a watch! Be sure to check out Pappagallo's site and Facebook page for more.

[via ISO 1200]

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