The Personality Trait That Makes Every Photographer Better

You can spend a lot of time studying techniques, reading gear reviews, and viewing the work of other photographers, but a certain personality trait is probably more important than any of those for becoming a better photographer. This great video discusses that trait and why it can help you improve as a photographer.

Coming to you from James Popsys, this awesome video discusses the importance of being willing to be persistent and consistent in going out to photograph, even if you have no guarantees of coming home with usable images. It can certainly be tempting to stay home and wait for only the most ideal conditions, but that does not really help you improve as a photographer as much as consistent practice, even (and perhaps especially) when conditions are less than perfect. Consistent practice of anything is by far the best way to both get better and to keep your skills in tip-top shape. Furthermore, shooting in less-than-ideal conditions can help you learn to create compelling images no matter what you have to work with and can even help you shoot more original photos by embracing scenarios other photographers might choose to skip. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Popsys. 

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iris-imaging's picture

Photography is a lot like fishing it takes patients and persistence. You do not catch any fish with your bait in the boat, you throw life out into the world to see what you capture. Photography has allowed me to accumulate an incredible collection of experiences and sometimes even make money.

Delixir Sorbano's picture

I like the anaology, great attitude.