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Photographer Sid Ceasar Talks About Creative Inspiration

Zach Arias has a new educational site called DEDPXL where him and a group of his friends write on their experiences, struggles, and successes. Commercial Photographer Sid Ceasar is among those writers. A few months ago he produced a video appearing as Sid "The Muppet" Ceasar and talks about inspiration, getting out and making new work, and why surrounding yourself with creative people is so important.

I love looking at other photographers' work. There are times when I am a little frustrated that everyone else's photos are so damn good and I get a bit jealous, but when that happens I just need to unplug from social media and get to work. But for the most part, I spend a little time every day enjoying other people's beautiful photos and love finding out how they made them.

Ceasar spends a bit of time in Muppet form speaking about inspiration. He mentions that he has learned throughout his life that it is important to surround yourself with creative people. "Their momentum and excitement will rub off on you," says Ceasar. He goes on to talk about a few ways that he makes really fantastic photos with everyday items. I especially love the toy portraits he makes. I have watched this video when I have felt totally uninspired and it always make me feel silly for not getting out and making new work.

Ceaser also hosts a podcast with his friend Dave Seah. Seah is a designer and they talk about freelancing, the arts, and how to make their prospective businesses work.

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Sid Ceaser's picture

Hey-O! Thanks for the love, guys! <3

Carmine Sarazen's picture

No thank you Sid. I'm really enjoying your contribution to DEDPXL. I like the podcast too!

Jan Iveta's picture

Such an awesome and heartwarming video! Hate to use this sentence, but it really made my day!

Ravi Tahilramani's picture

That was awesome and so creative. Thanks