The Power of Every Day in Photography and Beyond

As a photographer or a creative professional in any field, we all aspire to achieve big. We have big goals and bigger dreams. But how important are the little things that form part of this process? In this video, Chase Jarvis establishes a dialogue on this topic of the power of little things. 

Often, we are carried away by the image of the bigger things we yearn to achieve and forget what actually makes them. For instance, if becoming an award-winning photographer is your dream, you have to understand that it doesn't happen overnight. It involves years of hard work. And years are made up of days. Yes, every day is the secret here. It is always one day at a time and how constantly you are shooting pictures that will season your craft and enhance your game. If you take the photography business, for instance, to build a successful brand will not just take your artistic skills as a photographer but also your entrepreneurial instincts to manage the clients, handle editing, and so much more. The takeaway here is to define your bigger goal on the top and break it down to smaller goals. Shorter milestones give you the power to keep track of your progress and be sure about the direction in which you are going. The constant build-up of the momentum will lead you closer to the goal. Watch the video to find out how Chase Jarvis emphasizes this factor. 

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Chris van Heerden's picture

Great advise, like the sun-tan towards the end. Shows the time spent on the video.