Preorder Fstoppers Newest Tutorial, 'Photographing the World With Elia Locardi 3'

Preorder Fstoppers Newest Tutorial, 'Photographing the World With Elia Locardi 3'

Fstoppers is heading back out on the road with Elia Locardi to film the latest installment of "Photographing the World." This time time around, the gang will be heading to the Alps, Dubai, and a few countries in South America as they explore even more advanced landscape techniques and post processing. Now is your chance to sign up for early bird access to Elia's new tutorial and to watch a sneak peek video of Elia's crazy travel lifestyle courtesy of Smugmug!

Today, Lee and Patrick are headed out with Elia to begin work on the latest installment of "Photographing the World." Our readers have made the first tutorials, "Photographing The World: Landscape Photography and Post-Processing with Elia Locardi" and "Photographing the World: Cityscape, Astrophotography, and Advanced Post-Processing," two of the most popular educational series in our store. So, it comes as no surprise to say how excited we are to be able to bring you a fresh installment of Elia's series, featuring all-new locations from across the world.

Elia Locardi is a tremendous talent and one of the most unique people you'll ever meet. Both he and Naomi Locardi spend their lives as location-independent photographers, which brings its own unique set of rewards and challenges. Check out this inspiring video from Smugmug Films on what goes on behind the scenes of two talented photographers living life on the road.

We look forward to bringing you our next Fstoppers tutorial with Elia as we journey through all new locations that will surely inspire your own landscape photography! If you're interested in gaining exclusive early bird access to "Photographing the World With Elia Locardi 3," be sure to sign up on the presale email list below.

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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If anyone is interested in following us, subscribe to Elia Locardi's snapchat for real time behind the scenes of this adventure. Lee and I are too basic to use snapchat so you will have to see it through Elia's feed :)

Check him out!

If the Elia's Photographing the World Mailing List that I just signed up for doesn't involve SnapChat, count me in.

No, the list above is just to receive an email once the tutorial is about to be released.


omg I am so happy to hear that :D I am living in Turkey and trying to save the money to buy those two tutorials.
And I am sure I will be buying the third one also. :)

In 1994, I left my home state of South Carolina to spend April through November in Iowa as a contract computer programmer. I left my wife and home behind and traveled back during holiday weekends.
I had to file a dual state tax return. The tax software that I used didn't accept "Computer Programmer" as an vocation since it was too long for the field.
For the vocation on my Iowa tax return, I entered "itinerant". While I was in Iowa, that was when I developed my "drive-by shooting" technique: set the lens focus to infinity, set my Canon A-1 on [P] (Program), aim and fire. My camera was in easy reach and it was easy to advance the film.

When do you start filming? And any idea when it will come out? Thanks, good luck!

We are taking off to Rome right now. This will probably take 2-3 months to film, then a month to film the post processing, and released maybe fall-winter of this year at the earliest.

Welcome back to Italy guys!

Will there be any lessons/tutorials on composition in the new lessons? Its something I'm in desperate need of lol

We always try to include some composition lessons in each tutorial. Is there something specific you want that we didn't cover in the first two?

Would be nice to see aerial composition and post procesing lesson(s)

Like drone or helicopter? You might be in luck

Drone of course, too poor for helicopters :) Great news! Thanks

I think more like hmm, during the Kirkjufell lesson, there were some compositions shown and why Elia chose them, and some shown that weren't as good, there seemed to be more of an importance put on the compositional elements in the first lesson, and seemed to fade as the videos went on. I'm doing this from memory though so may not be correct lol

What other countries are you guys going to?? or is the list top secret at this stage?

I would love to tell you but Elia loves to change the itinerary last minute. I thought we were going to the alps but I just found out we are actually going to some mountain towns in south Italy. Also Bolivia and Argentina were scratched off the list a month ago but it looks like South America might be back on. You never know with Elia ha

Visiting Amalfi coast too? ;)

I believe that is the location I just told customs :)

if you guys have the Amalfi coast in the program, I could make a jump for a quick hello and bring a good bottle of wine, if the fever let me... ;)

We are in positano for the next 2 nights. Might get rained out tomorrow which would be a great day to drink. I'm dying for a bottle of Kentucky bourbon out here (forgot to get one at the airport). Are there any liquor stores around the area?

To buy some liquor you have to wait for the shops are open in the morning ( look for Gabrisa Food & Wine ), or if there is a bar / cafe open at this time you can try to ask owner if you can buy a bottle, but if I can advise you, try the limoncello, a liqueur is made with lemons from the Amalfi coast or "Nocino di Positano".
If you're free tomorrow we could get a pizza or sushi or whatever :)
But I need to know at what time and where we could meet

Gabrisa Food & Wine info: Via Pasitea, 241 Positano phone: +39 089 811 498

you managed to find what you were looking for?

Yes, I was able to find some Four Roses bourbon in the local grocery store. It's supposed to rain tomorrow (maybe) so we could def grab some food if you are around. I'm not exactly sure where we are staying but sushi sounds great. We actually are complaining about Italian food once again so if you can help us out it would be appreciated. Hit me up in a private message before noon tomorrow (19th) and we can try to meet up for a meal or drink.

Check PM :)

I've been trying to twist his arm into coming down to Australia! It's summer at the moment!!!!

Just take all my money !!

Awesome guys! What will the content be about? Shooting and post processing again or something more oriented towards topics like business, logistic of travelling or printing as we talked about in the FB group?

Please tell me there will be behind the scenes videos again.

Of course there will be a new bts video

That's fantastic news

Will there be lessons on perspective blending and focal lenght blending?

I don't even know what that is but I'll pass it along to Elia

We have amazing scenery in Ireland you know............ :)

Oh I know, I have two friends going there in man places to go yet only so much budget to spend

Looking forward for the bts videos! Patrick do not disappoint to me :D should come to Chile!

We'll probably be there in March! :)

Will it be in 4k? Paris/France is not on the list :(

Will there be an option to purchase all three as one bundle?

I purchased the first 2 tutorials and they're awesome! Can't wait for the next one. One quick question. I just updated to Photoshop CC 2017 and it does not support Nik products. Being the novice that I am, I'm kind of lost now. What plug in will Elia be using in the next tutorial? Maybe I can purchase it now to get a little bit of a head start.

Try to reinstall the plugins. They still work for me.

Hey guys since you just came from Rome, is the Coliseum and that building to the right in front of the Vatican view from the Ponte Umberto bridge under construction? The building under construction you would know because it has ugly billboards hanging on it. Heading over next month and wondering what to expect. Thanks!

Hi Elia and the F Stoppers crew from Australia.

First of all just wanted to say I am a big fan of the sneak peak episode and behind the scenes. I am very close to buying the combo pack but before I spend my hard earned 650 Australian dollars (weak Aussie dollar sadly) I have a few questions for Elia and the crew.

I have followed tutorials from other sites before and I feel like its very hard to apply the things you learn from the examples they show. So my question is , the techniques you teach,in the back of your mind do you try and show techniques that can really useful across a broad range of images or do I as the student really need to identify very similar landscapes and lighting conditions for them to be applied as the examples shown in the tutorial? (hope that makes sense)
Its mentioned there is a special Facebook group, what does that actually mean? Would we get a chance to show photos to Elia and get tips and critiques? Within reason of course I know he is a busy man.
I noticed a photographing the world 3 is in development, if I am about to buy the 2 pack would in the future I be eligible for the future 3 pack equivalent discount? Or am I better to just wait for all 3 (ideally I would like to start now and be eligible for discount later)
Photographing the world 2 mentions emphasis on capture one instead of LR, can you clarify this? Ideally I want to continue my PS and LR skills as I have a CC subscription and if the tutorial focuses on capture one, it would be good to know that up front as I don’t think I want to invest in another software application or find it teaching only capture one examples. Its great to use the same tools from a software perspective.
Last question is for the amazing Elia, I was looking at potentially doing one of your workshops from your dream photo tour website, once finishing up on these tutorials, but most of this years events don’t really match up with my timings for annual leave etc. Are these the only type of workshops you do? I noticed there was a Dubai one you did recently but there was no mention of that on that site. Super keen to go to one of your workshops in the next 12 months, even if its a shorter group workshop (3 or 1 day workshops) so I would love to know where I could find this info and hopefully meet you and take one of your workshops in the future.
Just wanted to say in advance, if these get answers a BIG BIG thank you to Elia and the F stopper community. I can't wait to learn and improve.

p.s I have posted this on each of the product pages so only need an a reply on one of them.



Did you shoot in Argentina? :-D
Cheers to the greatest photography teacher!, Elia!

Hope Elia does paragliding or bungee jumping this time.Can't bet it :)

Hey guys ! Can't wait to see the new videos ! If you're going in latin America, then you really have to go to Chile and Bolivia. Not just South Chile (Patagonia) but North as well. There are some really amazing places impossible to see anywhere in the world. And the tough life in Bolivia would completely Elia's nomad philosophy. But you probably already know all those things ! ;-)

When is the expected release date? It's been quiet for a while now.