Elia Locardi Tests Sky Pollution Filter in Puerto Rico

Welcome to the next—and 6th—episode of our 8-part video tutorial series about long exposure photography and how different filters can produce dramatic results. As a reminder, each time we drop a new video, you have the chance to win some awesome prizes. Follow the instructions included in this post to enter this week's contest.

Throughout the last five videos, we've traveled around Eastern Puerto Rico and taken an in-depth look at how to create captivating seascape photography using various Neutral Density filters. In the previous video, we applied a 15-stop solid neutral density filter and discovered how to take dramatically long exposures of architecture while achieving soft streaky clouds across the sky.

In this short episode, we'll learn how to use a specific tool called, The Nisi Natural Night Filter to capture a blue hour cityscape shot. This unique filter is made for night scenes and astrophotography, and it helps to mitigate color distortions caused by mercury vapor, sodium, and low CRI streetlights. It essentially blocks yellow light frequencies to make a more natural and balanced night photograph in less technical terms.

While this is a very particular use case on a sleepy cityscape scene, and I like the effects, I admit that I need to test it more thoroughly with some astrophotography as well. This can be a handy filter if you find yourself regularly shooting at night and want to capture the most micro contrast in your scene straight out of camera before adjusting it further in post production.

We still have two more episodes to go in this 8-part series, and in the next series, Lee and Patrick will be testing out more filters and demonstrating how we used them to film this entire mini-video series.

Don't forget to enter this new contest and follow along with this series as we explore Puerto Rico and discover more about long exposure photography.

Congrats to David Lucking out of Miami, Florida for winning contest #5!

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Elia Locardi is an internationally recognized professional travel photographer, Fujifilm Global Ambassador, writer, public speaker & educator who spends his life shooting some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Location independent since 2012—he and his wife live a 100% mobile lifestyle and have visited more than 50 countries since 2009.

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