The Problem of Burnout in Photography

Being a successful professional can be an insane amount of work, and it is very common for photographers to end up burning out and become disillusioned with the entire pursuit. This excellent video examines the topic of burnout and recovery in photography.

Coming to you from Taylor Jackson, this great video examines the topic of burnout in photography. Being a successful professional means wearing a vast number of hats — photographer, marketer, accountant, and more — and as such, it can really start to wear people down over time. It always makes me sad to see this happen, as no one becomes a professional photographer unless they have a real passion for it, and it is a shame to see that passion die out. This is a particularly good time to check in with yourself given that most of us are on some sort of lockdown at the moment. In fact, you might even consider using this downtime to give yourself a bit of time to recuperate instead of continuing to grind nonstop. Even if you do not take this time off, at least check in with yourself and consider how you can improve your satisfaction. Check out the video above for Jackson's full thoughts. 

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If he thinks he's experiencing burn out now, wait a couple decades...By the way, working harder than everybody else has never been the answer to avoiding burnout and getting work. You've got to work smarter. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

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I recovered by not touching a camera for 10 years.

Depressing post, not inspirational, too-long and unrelatable intro (why should I care about Jackson and his minivan?) and dorky music in the middle having nothing to do with the topic. I wouldn't share this video with anyone! I was burned out by watching it and couldn't even finish it!

Well, the problem of burning out exists in different spheres of life and tbh the only thing that suits me in this case is to switch to something new withing thesame area. I mean, don't enjoy portraitshootings, try object photography. Don't enjoy Photoshopping- turn to Photoworks instead. Don't enjoy colors- switch to b&w. Everything can become tiresome and boring, it's just a matter of time.