Seven Ideas for Better Fall Photos

I don't care when the song was originally referring to, because fall is the most wonderful time of the year. As this great video highlights, autumn is full of inspiring creative opportunities that are an absolute joy to shoot and can yield some really impressive imagery. Here are seven ideas for fall photographs.

I've always adored leaves: their vibrant, pseudo-fractal look is endlessly fascinating and beautiful to me, and when they appear by the thousands on a single tree, the intricate and delicate texture is something I could stare at for hours. Add in the kaleidoscopic effect of fall, and I couldn't be more content. Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this helpful video shows you seven ideas to get more photographic mileage out of the changing leaves and all the beautiful colors they show off. As he mentions, a polarizer is definitely your friend when you're doing fall photography, especially if you start to incorporate long exposures of moving water or you want to get a bit more pop out of the leaves and sky. A neutral density filter will help you get slower shutter speeds as well. Get out there and enjoy the season before it's replaced by bare trees and that horrible cold stuff!

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Signed up just so I could say thank you for a great collection of ideas. Also thanks for all the other amazing content on the site.

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Good article, thanks.

I've been shooting Fall colors for so long that now I like to put a twist in my images. I'll shoot the trees with a backdrop of black cinder at Sunset Crater, or shoot on windy days to get motion and a dreamy effect for the images, or shoot Oak trees and others instead of the ever popular Aspens. Doing this keeps it interesting, and stretches my imagination.

Have Fun,