Stand Out Photo Workshops 2016 - Learn From Industry Leaders

The Stand Out Photographic Forums are back! This is a massive photographic event with a ton of affordable classes taught by some of the industry's most recognizable photographers. You have the opportunity to learn everything from lighting to marketing, composites by Renee Robyn and even editing ala Pratik Naik. They'll even have a one of the top 20 most influential photographers of all time! Who? You'll need to read this article.
So What's the STAND OUT Photo Forum you ask?
The STAND OUT Photographic Forum brings the photographic community together to inspire, inform, and motivate. Hear from innovative industry creatives and icons. Explore new ideas to differentiate yourself and your business. The STAND OUT event will also bring leading photographic brands under one roof to demonstrate their products to you in an intimate and meaningful manner. Put a face to the brand, meet some of the most knowledgeable resources in the industry. This event is ideal for professional photographers, photo assistants, advanced students, or any imaging professional that would like to learn about the latest cutting-edge products and techniques being used in the professional digital image capture market in a hands-on and seminar based forum.


Last year, Fstoppers writer Douglas Sonders discussed how Mark Seliger would be on stage at one of the venues. This year, one of my all time favorite commercial and fashion photographers joins the Stand Out Photo Tour, Mr. Albert Watson. If the name is unfamiliar to you, that's okay, his work will stand out (pun intended) in your memory. His work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Vogue, and Rolling Stone Magazine. In fact, he's shot over 100 covers for Vogue and 40 covers for Rolling Stones Magazine since the 1970s. His most memorable portrait is that of the late Steve Jobs.


The standout tour will bring photography instructors to Dallas, Toronto, Chicago, Lost Angeles, and Pheonix and notable instructors include:

ALBERT WATSON - Presenting in Chicago.

BELLA KOTAK - Presenting in Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

CLAY COOK - Presenting in Dallas and Chicago.

DAVID GROVER - Presenting in Phoenix.

DOUG PETERSON - Presenting in Dallas

ERIKA BLATT - Presenting in Dallas, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

FELIX KUNZE - Presenting in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

JARON SCHNEIDER - Presenting in Pheonix.

JEFF ROJAS  - Presenting in Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 

(Yep, that's me... I like to talk about myself in third person in these articles.) 

JOSEPH CARTRIGHT  - Presenting in Toronto.

MICHAEL BONOCORE - Presenting in Chicago.

MICHAEL GRECCO - Presenting in Los Angeles. 

PRATIK NAIK - Presenting in Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 

RENEE ROBYN - Presenting in Toronto.

STEVE RICHARD - Presenting in Toronto.

TIM KEMPLE - Presenting in Toronto, Pheonix, and Los Angeles.

WALTER BORCHENKO - Presenting in Toronto.



Marketing a Cohesive Brand.

Bring Fairytales to Life.

Photographing Men.

Creating a Story.

Unlocking the Power of Capture One.

The Art of Lighting.

Using Personal Work to Get Paid.

How to Transition to a Full Time Professional Photographer.

and much, much, more. 



REGISTER HERE my friend. See you there!

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Jeff Rojas is an American photographer, author and educator based in New York City. His primary body of work includes portrait and fashion photography that has been published in both Elle and Esquire. Jeff also frequents as a photography instructor. His teaching experience includes platforms like CreativeLive, WPPI, the Photo Plus Expo, and APA.

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I'm actually flying into Dallas the 27th :( I wonder if any of you guys will still be around to grab dinner or something.

Let's do it! You have my number! :)