Understanding the Meteoric Rise of Peter McKinnon and How You Can Apply It to Your Work

If you've spent any time on YouTube in the past year looking at photography or videography tutorials, you've likely run across Peter McKinnon's channel at some point. The Toronto-based vlogger has absolutely exploded onto the scene, amassing over 1.1 million subscribers in less than a year. This great video examines what makes him so successful and gives some great lessons you can apply to your own work.

The allure of making a living income off YouTube has attracted a ton of vloggers, teachers, and more to the platform, veritably saturating the site with content. And while that's great for content consumers, it can be difficult for creators to break into the market and establish a firm presence, even if their work is really good. This helpful video from Paddy Galloway examines how Peter McKinnon seems to have cracked the code, so to speak, not only creating content that is accessible, informative, and well-produced, but positioning and marketing himself in a way that earns him loyal subscribers at an astounding rate and likely generates a healthy income. If you're a vlogger, the analysis and tips are fairly readily applicable to your own work and should help you grow your own presence. 

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Samuel Flores Sanchez's picture

This is valuable information, thanks!

Tim R's picture

A challenging job, fickle, and not viable long term, but for the short term a great opportunity and will likely lead to other paths of work.

Patrick Hall's picture

What do you mean by no viable long term? Building any audience is a valuable skill and once you have that audience is allows you to do so much with your brand. The craziest story has to be Casey Neistat who did a vblog for how many years and then got a huge contract for CNN.

Tim R's picture

I mean as a job, Youtube doesn't last for most. Either people burnout or times change. Casey isn't relying on youtube for his main income is he? But youtube helped him reach new levels for sure, CNN being the next step.

Patrick Hall's picture

I'd have to do the math on Casey's videos but basically you make $1000 per million views. Most people can't get a million views ever but he was getting 2-6+ million per upload so if he is still uploading then yes he is still making a good amount of money through Youtube.

Parrish Ruiz de Velasco's picture

So good! Saw this over the weekend too!

Pretty funny that this guy used the hand/marker AE thing through the ENTIRE video ugh lol

Buddy Lindsey's picture

I think something not mentioned/barely noted in the video is his previous experience. Since his job was creating new marketing material for magic tricks he became a master of short, consumable, and informative videos. This type being exactly what people on YouTube crave.