When Should You Upgrade Your Camera Gear?

A lot of photographers and videographers longingly look at new gear, trying to rationalize dropping a lot of money on the latest and greatest cameras and lenses. But when do you really need to actually upgrade? This great video offers some useful questions and guidelines to help you make the correct decision. 

Coming to you from Dan Watson, this awesome video talks about what you should think about when you're thinking of upgrading your camera gear. It's easy to rationalize purchasing expensive gear, and often, doing so ends in a little regret and a big hole in your wallet without the return on investment to justify it. There's nothing necessarily wrong with being geeky and enjoying the fun of playing with cameras (after all, they are pretty nifty gadgets), but when it comes to running a business or examining the impact a purchase will have on your personal finances, it's important to give yourself a health dose of rationality and separate what you want from what you really need. It's true that sometimes, better gear truly will enable you to do things you couldn't before, but sometimes, you might be better served with more practice or education. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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When it's written off the books and the accountant says, buy more stuff to help get your tax bill down.
It's simple reinvestment in the firm.

Upgrade when the old equipment is knackered #ROI

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When it breaks or can not do what you intend for it to do .. not when manufacture advertises to ..

Great video. I especially like how he finishes with a balanced approach and that treating yourself to some “fun” new gear isn’t always a bad thing - as long as you make that decision consciously.

I recently upgraded (or rather added to) my Nikon D750 with the Z 6. I was very happy to see that the difference actually was as great as the guy in the video describes that the difference should be in order up upgrade your gear. There were many moments recently where I simply wouldn’t be able to shoot video with the D750 where the Z 6 enabled me to do so. But I have also certainly bought gear in the past that did not make such huge differences...

When I started I found upgrading lenses to be the better investment in solving limitations I ran into. AND, I completely agree Renting gear is great I do it often.

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Will never give up my two XT-1,s . also the vintage lenses are so damn small and excellent.