Who Cares Who Likes Your Photography?

Popularity is a weird thing. It can be a gratifying thing to achieve widespread acclaim for your work, but if you are not careful, it can turn on you, making you create work to please others instead of yourself. So, who cares who likes your photos? This important video essay discusses the topic and one photographer's experience.

Coming to you from Evan Ranft, this excellent video essay discusses the importance of staying true to yourself as a photographer. No doubt, in today's world that is heavily driven by social media numbers, it can be very tempting to chase clout and likes, but this will often lead you to end up in a cycle of constantly creating work that panders to the latest trends instead of images that are a truer representation of your creativity. Seeing those followers and likes increase can be exciting, but you will almost always end up being dissatisfied and unfulfilled eventually if the work you are creating is motivated by external factors instead of your own impulses. We should never forget that at the end of the day, photography is supposed to be something we are passionate about and enjoy. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Ranft. 

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Ellice Braun's picture

Thanks for good article!

Joe Bodego's picture

LOL, I care that the bride and groom likes my shot. if you not paying, "WGAF"

Zdenek Malich's picture

If someone does photography for likes of people they dont even know I will advise them to quit photography and find some cheaper hobby

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Did you try to have a furniture design and construction as a hobby? ;)

Zdenek Malich's picture

Well furniture design wont me much cheaper if you tools nerd 🤓 you can buy dopamine pills for lot cheaper then proper gear for any hobby lol joking...but good feeling is much stronger after good sex then storm of likes on social media... 🤣 🤣 🤣

Tom Reichner's picture

Photography is really cheap compared to many other hobbies, but I do agree that those people should pursue something else instead of photography.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

I care. It gives me dopamine boost. It increases visibility of my photos on my social feed. It gives me new followers.

PS: None of them will become my clients. Bitch...

The Light Explorer's picture

People do care though and it is not something that will change.