Why Inspiration Is Overrated

Photography is a creative pursuit, and as such, our inspiration can wax and wane. The truth is, though: inspiration is overrated. 

Coming to you from aows, this great video discusses why inspiration is overrated. It can be easy to avoid shooting one day (or even an extended period of time) when we are not feeling inspired, but this is a dangerous line of thinking to fall into. If you are an amateur, sure, you can afford to take time off as desired, but if you are a professional, clients expect images and will not wait on the whims of your imagination. Even if you are a hobbyist only, you might be cheating yourself if you do not just get out there to shoot. Instead of waiting for creativity to strike, the more you practice your technique and build an arsenal of creative ideas, the more the process becomes more cerebral and less subject to hoping imagination will strike (not to say that this will not still play a role). It is simply about teaching yourself to become more confident as a creative and consistently able to produce results no matter your mood. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Edison Wrzosek's picture

This is how I reacted to this piece...


As artists and creators, inspiration is at the core of what we do. People who say Inspiration isn't required often have crap portfolios to show for themselves.

True, but they ALWAYS have really long, twisted, distorted, worthless, nonsensical "artist's statements" . . . a laugh a minute

Actually, a lot of supposedly creative people have the very same BS.

Andy Warhol was right.

"Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon

The most worthless book ever written. Not one single original thought.

While I agree with you, somewhat, I think the sentiment is valid.

Michael Comeau's picture

You know what's even more overrated? Useless B roll.

Timothy Gasper's picture

Inspiration....overrated. Jesus Christ ya gotta be kiddin'. Without inspiration - what's the point?

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Even though his first language isn't English, he too, like many people, mix up the terms motivation with inspiration. He was inspired to plan and go to the coast but waking up in the morning, he wasn't very motivated.

It's a rather a dead world if we cannot take, give, or pass on a little inspiration .
The best commitment I have received ---- ''it amazes me how you can make such beauty out of things that do not seem to be much at first sight. That's probably what creativity in photography means....''

Lieve Brauers G+

I am hoping I can still be inspired by those better than myself and in return I can inspire someone with a little less experience than myself --- just one person would be nice .