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2.07 - "Needs Work" 
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Sorry.. but for me, this is not even a picture... giving you a 1 because, this is maro photographng... not... photoshop something...

There is no photoshop manipulation involved in this image. It is a piece of jewelry. All shot in-camera.

Looking at it again, i can see it. I take back what i have said. Personnaly, It's just too unrealistic for me. That perfect black rectangle feels way off. If i would see this as a product image, my first reaction would be to click too see an other image. Wich could be good, IDK i am not in that genre. I changed my rating to a 3. I was wong, but still IDK..

I like the subject, very interesting idea. I'm just confused as to the nature of the black line on the bottom. Is there a reason for it?

The client wanted the idea of a horizon line. They didn't want it to look like a landscape or anything just the idea of "ground".

Ok, that make sense. I wasn’t sure if it was a table or just my computer glitching for a moment. Thanks for clearing that up!