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2.27 - "Needs Work" 

First attempt at the macro. I used Exakta 24mm vintage lens. A new chapter has just opened for me...

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I love how much of the texture you can see (not sure what it is... a butterfly/moth wing? either way I like the texture and patterns)
If possible, but it might look a little better if you fill the frame with it 100% in focus (the black on the bottom left and blur on the top right jump out at me)
Nice work, though!

Glad you like it. Yeah, it's a butterfly wing. The initial crop had been the part in focus, but most viewers found it more difficult to figure out what the image presented... So I decided to show more of it to see what would happen... Thanks for the input - appreciate it.

Ah, I guess that's where the subjective part comes in. Well, as long as you're happy with it and keep learning, that's all that matters!