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3.08 - "Solid" 

Taken in 2014. I was taking photo of my nephew blowing bubbles, and a bubble landed perfectly on this leaf. I didn't know about the reflection until later on my computer. Bonus!

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I really like the reflection of the sky with the interesting colors. I know there are quality limitations with a camera from 2014, but I think it may look better with a slightly tighter crop. (and personally I'd prefer it without the reflection of the photographer -- it would look more like a painting... I know that's a little nit-picky, but the colors in the sky are screaming painting to me)
Nice catch, though! I've always wanted to photograph bubbles!

This was taken with a D610 actually which is quite capable of cropping in tight (~24MP I think) and I did just that; there is a ton of space cropped from the edges already and I think I hit the limit of crop:image quality that I'm comfortable with. It was taken with a 50mm 1.8 (cheap version), and I can't remember if I was at the minimum focusing distance or if I could've gotten closer, but I do know I'd shoot it better today if given the chance. Thanks Jordan!

We all get better with time and practice. I've never shot a bubble before, so I know if I tried, it wouldn't be as good as this one.

Jordan already mentioned some important things. But I would try lowering the highlights especially on the right of the bubble