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2.61 - "Solid" 

This is a shot of a friend that I took at Crabtree Falls in North Carolina

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Deleted Account's picture

A lot of great stuff in this photo...but the selective coloring really makes it a 2 (for me...)...if the tree had some slight colors and the waterfall was still b&w I think it wouldn’t confuse my eye as much...keeping the photo all color with some selective desaturation at different values might have the same effect without screaming selective decolouring...

Alex Brouwer's picture

Thanks so much for taking the time to offer thoughts and critique. I really appreciate it. I understand where you're coming from concerning the perception of selective coloring (I even had to check back into lightroom to confirm for myself before typing this out). However, the only edits made to this image was +12 contrast and +35 clarity in lightroom. No brushing or spot removal or filter was used either.

Deleted Account's picture

Hmm...I think it was the log that really made me think it was selective color, since the skin tones pop a lot but the log looks great..i wonder if there was just a lot more color in the person vs the log so the contrast adjustment seemed to affect the person more...

Anyways great photo! It was just something about the log tones vs the skin tones that made me think there was some unnatural editing