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1.78 - "Needs Work" 

Climbing Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

Turning back.

We were standing at an altitude of 1200m with only another 100m in elevation to go before we could begin our descent back to Dove Lake. It would take approximately another 2 to 3 hours in ideal conditions to return.

After climbing through snow well past our ankles I made the call to turn back rather than to continue on up. It was a hard decision because what we climbed up was steep and going back down that route wasn't exactly a comforting thought. But by now the wind was becoming extremely intense, so much so that it was becoming a whiteout and worst of all, it was now hailing. Not exactly ideal conditions to be in while climbing down a mountain.

So this is a shot of what we were descending back down in. The streaks are hail stones coming in side ways. It felt like any part of exposed skin got sandblasted. Turn your head and your ears immediately filled up with hail.

What an experience. Challenging yourself makes you feel alive. Get out there. But never be afraid to turn back.

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