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1.79 - "Needs Work" 

Climbing the inside of a Lava tube Pisgah Crater

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Dillon Murphy's picture

if you vote 2 or lower please tell me how I can approve! well any constructive criticism is welcome!

Paweł Twardowski's picture

I like the idea of movement. However, it lacks some touch as for coloring/tone that would affect atmosphere even deeper... And somehow I would get rid of the guy on the right :) Then the dude that is the highest would leave one with the impression of an unfinished quest...and maybe even make one wonder if he'd eventually escape the trap or something... :) Thanks for sharing!

Dillon Murphy's picture

that is a great idea to leave the last stage off. Had a tough time getting the exposure with the drastic difference in lighting, might have to go back and try again

Ryan Davis's picture

The sky is too blown out, and this makes the standing figure appear odd. the exposrue for this is a tough one- maybe next time do bracketing.

Aaron Kent's picture

Watch Elia Locardi youtube where he uses his hand to block out the sun, this could have worked well here to bring out more texture on the rocks. Otherwise great idea.