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1.97 - "Needs Work" 

Backpacking in Coyote Gulch, Utah.

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John Ortega's picture

Backpacking in the Coyote Gulch? That is definitely something I’m NEVER doing lol. The photo could use some lifting on the shadows, some saturation to bring out the orange and reds of the rocks, but biggest one is the focus is off. My opinion but Utah is one of the “landscapers” wet dream. Hope you had fun, I want to go back asap!

Josh Sanders's picture

Thanks for the comments John! Coyote Gulch is amazing if you ever do have a chance to go - this was a particularly interesting section of trail where we had to lower our packs down the cliff face via a rope before squeezing through a small crack in the rocks to make our own way down. I wholeheartedly agree about Utah in general. The Southwest is my favorite part of the country to backpack.

I wanted to keep the shadows a little darker here to add to the mood, but I think I originally edited and posted this on a brighter screen. Now that I've seen it on a few different devices, you're right - the shadows could definitely be pulled up more.