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3.04 - "Solid" 

This is from an all night solo adventure into the remote southern California desert wilderness. It is a selfie as I'm looking through some images from earlier in the day on my laptop.

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Dillon Murphy's picture

this is phenomenal, composited sky?

Ryan Luna's picture

In the technical sense, yes. The sky is 15 images of 2 mins each, (track and stacked). The ground and me is one image at late "blue hour". The MW sky is a couple hours after.

Josh Sanders's picture

Great shot! I think the sky is well processed. The foreground might be a little flat in terms of lighting, but I think the arch adds just enough interest to make it compelling.

My one suggestion would be to maybe use a headlamp or some other camping gear as an artificial light source next time. I think the tablet/laptop pulls me out of the scene a bit. Perhaps it's unfair given how light and portable electronics have become, but when I think about outdoor adventure photography I inherantly think about leaving those creature comforts behind. Great work though!

Ryan Luna's picture

fair assessment. lol. Can you imagine if the modern day adventurers didn't take any of their tech with them? I wasn't trying to be like Chris McCandless.

Josh Sanders's picture

True enough! And I disprove my own point when I drag a full-frame dslr on bacpacking trips. More about setting the mood in an image than about the realities of modern exploring.